Electrogenic aspartate/glutamate antiporter SLC25A13, mitochondrial; Isoform 2 of Electrogenic aspartate/glutamate antiporter SLC25A13, mitochondrial

Mitochondrial electrogenic aspartate/glutamate antiporter that favors efflux of aspartate and entry of glutamate and proton within the mitochondria as part of the malate-aspartate shuttle (PubMed:11566871). Also mediates the uptake of L-cysteinesulfinate by mitochondria in exchange of L-glutamate and proton. Can also exchange L-cysteinesulfinate with aspartate in their anionic form without any proton translocation (PubMed:11566871).

Associated with:

Matrix Type

  • Tissue/Cells

Gene Symbol

  • SLC25A13

UniProt ID

  • Q9UJS0

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