Next-generation mass spectrometry to amplify your biomarker discovery potential.

Join the post-genomics revolution, expand your R&D possibilities.

Our rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (rLC-MS) technology innovation and high throughput approaches have removed bioanalytical constraints to map dynamic, non-genetic biomarkers at speed, scale, and in a time- and cost-effective manner.

With more metabolite, lipid, and protein measures made in every sample, you can go beyond the genome to identify novel biomarkers that can inform and accelerate your studies for:

Drug Development

From discovery to preclinical and clinical phases, across disease areas and drug modalities.

Disease Research

From early disease detection to understanding the mechanisms underlying disease risk and progression.

Population Health

Leverage our ultra-high throughput discovery infrastructure to extend beyond a genetic-centric to a multi-omic understanding of disease.

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Explore case studies and discoveries made with Sapient’s platform.

rare disease biomarker

Discovery of a Biomarker of Biological Processes for Rare Disease

pd biomarker discovery case study

Discovery of a PD Biomarker to Predict Drug Response

pd-1 biomarker target engagement of PD-1 pathway

Discovery of PD-1 Pathway Biomarkers of Target Engagement

nash biomarker case study

Discovery of an Early Diagnostic Biomarker for NASH

metabolic biomarker profiling

Mapping Metabolic Changes for Diabetes Prediction with Machine Learning

immunotherapy biomarkers to predict autoimmunity

Discovery of Biomarker to Predict Immunotherapy Related Autoimmunity

What makes Sapient’s rLC-MS systems unique?

Fundamentally, Sapient’s proprietary rLC-MS allows us to take a biological sample like blood and, in that sample, capture and measure thousands of dynamic biomarkers.

We use these systems for discovery metabolomics and lipidomics, profiling broad, complex chemistries in a single run, as well as for discovery proteomics to significantly scale the number of proteins and proteoforms that can be measured in plasma.

This enables broader discovery to capture the most biologically relevant biomarkers, including yet-unknown molecules.

next generation mass spectrometry services


small molecule biomarkers measured in nontargeted method


proteins captured per human plasma biosample


samples can be analyzed per day with these systems

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