Specializing in large-scale, multi-omics biomarker discovery.

We accelerate insight into human biology.

While the vast majority of biomarker discovery to date has focused on genomics, >80% of disease risk stems from non-genetic factors and exposures over time. This molecular landscape has remained largely unexplored, until now.

Sapient’s innovative technologies finally enable rapid, large-scale profiling of metabolite, lipid, and protein biomarkers, which read out dynamic factors influencing health and disease – measuring thousands of biomarkers per sample, across thousands of samples at a time.

Supported by an advanced biocomputational framework for analysis of multi-omics datasets, we deliver data insights to elucidate disease mechanisms, subtype diseases, and ultimately improve the precision and efficacy of therapies.

What questions can you answer via our biomarker discovery services?

We build our data generation and analysis approaches around your context of use, helping you define experiments that give you the data you need for the phase you’re in. This could include identification and analysis of biomarkers that inform:

Target Identification

Identify therapeutic targets that may be involved in the pathogenesis of a specific disease.

Target Validation

Confirm a target’s role in disease process and/or the effects of pharmacological modulation of the target.