Multi-omics data to drive the next discoveries in population health.

Because the next population health insights lie beyond the genome.

Next-generation sequencing has yielded transformative insights for population health studies, but now the returns of sequencing more genomes are diminishing. We enable you to expand exploration to the dynamic aspects of disease across population-scale cohorts through the rapid, large-scale profiling of dynamic biomarkers.

Novel insights via thousands of dynamic measures.

We capture metabolites, lipids, and proteins which read out non-genetic factors influencing health, disease, and drug response.

Capacity to run thousands of biosamples per day.

With the ability to process >5K samples per day, we have the scale and efficiency required for population-level analysis.

Data quality to enable robust discovery.

Built to generate population-scale datasets, our systems are backed by rigorous quality control processes for large-scale analyses.

Scalability while upholding rapid turnaround.

We maintain the same fast turnaround times for data and insight delivery for even the biggest large-scale projects.

population health multi-omics

Decipher dynamic factors of health and disease across populations.

The addition of dynamic biomarkers in population health studies will enable pivotal advancements to deepen our understanding of the non-genetic factors underlying health and disease across heterogeneous human cohorts.

With Sapient’s next-generation rLC-MS systems, now there is finally an efficient, scalable approach to go beyond the genome and enable large-scale discovery of metabolite, lipid, and protein biomarkers that read out these influences.

Join the post-genomics revolution.

Many population health studies have focused on genomics to date, yet >80% of disease risk is non-genetic.

With large-scale profiling of small molecule biomarkers, which read out these non-genetic influences, we can enhance the impact of genomics data that has already been captured, adding complementary information to elucidate the interplay between genotype and phenotype across individuals.

discovery proteomics services for drug development

Extend multi-omics insights through large-scale mass spectrometry-based proteomics.

Proteins hold critical information on gene expression and function, making proteomics a natural next step to expand population health studies beyond genomics to elucidate functional mechanisms underlying disease.

Sapient’s /HT/ Discovery proteomics is our high throughput method and ideal for population health cohorts in that it enables measurement specificity at scale – capturing thousands of proteins per sample, across thousands of samples per week.

multi-omics data analysis for drug development

Experts in integrating and interpreting large-scale, multi-omics datasets.

Sapient’s Human Biology Database shows our ability to support population health analyses firsthand. Given the speed of our technologies, we have already generated rLC-MS data in more than 100,000 human biosamples collected from diverse individuals around the world.

With large-scale profiling of small molecule biomarkers, which read out these non-genetic influences, we can help you improve disease understanding and in turn, the precision and efficacy of treatments.

metabolomics custom assay lipidomics custom assay

Tap our field-leading expertise in complex measurements to fit your study needs.

Are their specific metabolite, lipid, or protein biomarkers that you’d like to explore in your cohort? We can often provide solutions for difficult-to-measure biomarkers, or will work with you to define the ideal profiling approach based on your samples and study objectives.

Through our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory, we can also support the development of population health biomarker discoveries into diagnostic assays.

Amplify population-level insight with Sapient’s Human Biology Database.

Sapient is well-versed in generating, handling, processing, and analyzing large-scale, population-level datasets. We’ve already done so through the development of our proprietary Human Biology Database.

Comprised of rLC-MS data and paired phenotypic measures collected in 100,000+ human biosamples, we can use the database to mine for or validate discoveries in large, independent human populations.

population health multi-omics data analysis


biosample datasets collected from diverse individuals


phenotypic data points linked to spectral data

10-30 years

of follow-up and outcomes data across individuals

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