Your catalyst for dynamic biomarker discovery.

Let us bring you to the forefront of the post-genomics revolution with multi- omics services focused on metabolite, lipid, and protein biomarker measures.

Leading multi-omics biomarker discovery beyond the genome.

Sapient is a purpose-built biomarker discovery lab providing bespoke services for metabolomics, lipidomics, and proteomics data generation and analysis.

We leverage high-throughput technologies, backed by an advanced biocomputational framework, to rapidly measure and analyze thousands of dynamic biomarkers per sample.

Our methods finally enable efficient, large-scale profiling beyond the genome and deliver new phenotypic insights to understand disease and accelerate drug development.

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A history of discovery.

We know biomarkers can transform drug development, improving approval rates by 2-10x. We’ve spent the last 10 years innovating technologies to scale biomarker discovery lab capacity to identify more novel biomarkers of health, disease, and drug response.

Our mission.

To innovate technologies to deliver insight into human biology, accelerating the diagnosis of disease, the prediction of health outcomes, and the effective treatment of people worldwide.​

Our vision.

To realize the promise of a healthier tomorrow, today.

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Meet the team.

We are more than a service provider; we are your trusted scientific collaborator. Tap our world-leading expertise in metabolomics and multi-omics discovery.

d'angelo aguirre sapient team

D’Angelo Aguirre

Data Scientist I

briley markey sapient team

Briley Belice

Research Associate

brook benson sapient team

Brook Benson

Head of IT and Data Security

jamie cho sapient team

Jamie Cho

Head of Software

khoi dao sapient team

Khoi Dao

Senior Research Scientist

lisa fey sapient team

Lisa Fey, MS

Director of Quality Assurance

nicholas fiorentini sapient team

Nicholas Fiorentini

Staff Software Engineer

kate gallagher sapient team

Kate Gallagher, PhD

Head of Analytical Chemistry Operations

carrie hefley sapient team

Carrie Hefley

Buyer and Administrative Coordinator

elena hunter sapient team

Elena Hunter, CPA

VP of Finance, Controller

cynthia ibarra sapient team

Cynthia Ibarra

Project Manager

mo jain sapient team

Mohit Jain, MD, PhD

Founder and CEO

kim lagerborg sapient team

Kim Lagerborg, PhD

Principal Scientist

cameron lamoureux sapient

Cameron Lamoureux, PhD

Data Scientist III

adam large sapient team

Adam Large, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

dong liang sapient team

Dong Liang, PhD, MS

Senior Data Scientist

david lin phd sapient team

David Lin, PhD

Data Scientist III

tao long sapient team

Tao Long, PhD, MBA

Co-Founder and Head of Data Sciences

luan mai sapient team

Luan Mai

Head of Shared Services

tanya nguyen sapient team

Tanya Nguyen, PhD

Global Head of Strategic Accounts

carla nieser sapient team

Carla Nieser

Head of Marketing

zane norman sapient team

Zane Norman

Research Scientist II

shaokun pang sapient team

Shaokun Pang, PhD

Principal Research Scientist

sejun park sapient team

Sejun Park

Scientist II

sean ramsey sapient team

Sean Ramsey

Co-Founder and Head of Operations

jessica sylvester sapient team

Jessica Sylvester

Research Scientist I

saumya tiwari sapient team

Saumya Tiwari, PhD

Co-Founder and Head of Computational R&D Operations

jonathan usuka sapient team

Jonathan Usuka, PhD, MBA

Chief Business Officer

jeramie watrous sapient team

Jeramie Watrous, PhD

Co-Founder and Head of Analytical R&D

Certified quality.

Biomarker data quality is of the utmost importance for confident decision making, particularly when working with complex, dynamic measures. Sapient upholds stringent standards for testing accuracy and results reliability.

biomarker discovery lab clia certified
biomarker discovery services cap accredited

Interested in joining Sapient?

We are a team of passionate scientists, clinicians, and engineers, driven by a tireless curiosity to answer the unknowns about human biology. If you are too, we’d love to talk.

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