Discover dynamic biomarkers beyond the genome.

Our large-scale multi-omics analyses give you an unprecedented view into the factors that modulate health, disease, and drug response across individuals and over time.

One sample, multiple measures, greatly expanded phenotypic insights.

Sapient is a purpose-built biomarker discovery organization providing bespoke multi-omics services for metabolomics, lipidomics, and proteomics data generation and analysis.

Discovery metabolomics and lipidomics at unmatched speed and scale.

Sapient’s next-generation, high throughput mass spectrometry systems capture diverse metabolite and lipid chemistries in a single run.

  • >15K small molecule biomarkers measured per biosample
  • High throughput capacity to handle 5K+ samples per day
  • In-house library of >10,000 reference standards for robust metabolite identification
  • Mapping of biologically relevant unknown molecules for novel discovery

Focused small molecule biomarker discovery analyses with rapid time-to-insight.

Sapient’s suite of panels enable targeted exploration of small molecules in specific chemical classes and commonly associated with health and disease.
  • Ready-to-order panels with customization available
  • Analyzed using high throughput mass spectrometry for results in <60 days
  • High-sensitivity measures to detect subtle changes in biomarker levels for known metabolites and/or lipids of interest

High throughput, nontargeted proteomics to meet your study needs for coverage and throughput.

Sapient’s mass spectrometry-based discovery proteomics method extends multi-omics insights with deep coverage of the blood and tissue proteome.

  • Analytical specificity for high-confidence protein and post-translational modification (PTM) annotation via direct peptide sequencing
  • Depth and breadth to measure thousands of proteins and PTMs across diverse biological pathways – 4K+ in plasma and 10K+ in cells and tissue
  • High throughput approach with scalability to process thousands of samples

High-accuracy measures for specific protein biomarkers and targets of interest.

Sapient leverages its mass spectrometry systems for absolute quantitation of key proteins and PTMs in plasma, cells, and tissue.

  • Expansive menu of >12,000 ‘off-the-shelf’ targeted protein assays which can be rapidly optimized to your study requirements
  • Custom assay development for difficult-to-measure proteins and proteoforms
  • Scalable multiplexing while maintaining high specificity and reproducibility
multi-omics analyses

Through our integrated multi-omics services, we generate greater biological insight from every sample to help you better understand disease and accelerate drug development.

Amplify actionable insight with our integrative multi-omics data analysis.

We offer expert data analysis services to help you map the genetic and phenotypic associations of your identified biomarkers.


Gain a comprehensive view of underlying disease biology and drug effects.

Our team uses advanced statistical and ML tools to amalgamate multi-omics, preclinical, and clinical data with human health metadata.


Understand how your biomarker behaves across large, diverse populations.

Using Sapient’s proprietary Human Biology Database, comprised of data from 100K+ biosamples with paired genetic, phenotypic, and clinical information.

Your multi-omics discovery partner.

Sapient was founded on a core set of discovery values that we bring to every client collaboration, and that we believe are critical to accelerate drug development success.

Rapid time-to-insight.

We know our data drives your
decision-making and have capacity to ensure fast turnaround of results.

Transparent science.

We believe it essential that you have full access to and ownership of your data and findings.

Innovative methods.

We utilize novel technologies and deep expertise to assay thousands of dynamic, non-genetic biomarkers.

Efficient translation.

Our pipeline spans biomarker discovery, validation, and translation, including a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab.
analysis of multi-omics data
multi-omics CRO

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