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discovery metabolomics services

Discovery metabolomics and lipidomics at unprecedented speed and scale.

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discovery metabolomics services

Gain a deeper understanding of human biology.

Our high throughput, nontargeted approach to small molecule biomarker profiling provides an unprecedented view into the factors that modulate health, disease, and drug response across individuals. These dynamic markers are needed to more effectively align biological targets, patients, and therapies.


metabolites and lipids measured per biosample


biosamples can be analyzed per day

discovery metabolomics lab
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Our Platform

Technology to lead the post-genomics revolution.

The vast majority of biomarker discovery to date has focused on genomics, yet >80% of disease risk is non-genetic – stemming from internal and external exposures over time – and still largely unexplored.

Sapient’s platform finally enables large-scale profiling of small molecule biomarkers, which read out these dynamic factors, to improve disease understanding and in turn, the precision and efficacy of treatments.

discovery metabolomics platform
discovery metabolomics lab
Analytical Technology
High-throughput rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (rLC-MS) systems perform nontargeted profiling of >15,000 small molecule biomarkers per biosample, in <1 minute per sample.

at Scale

discovery metabolomics analysis
discovery metabolomics data analysis
Bicomputational Framework
Data science algorithms and machine learning tools are applied to the data to reveal key biomarkers of biological processes, disease progression, and drug response.
discovery metabolomics database
small molecule biomarkers database
Human Biology Database
Comprised of data from 100,000+ human biosamples, with more than 10-30 years of longitudinal follow-up across patients, this repository can be used to cross-validate identified biomarkers.

Amplify discovery with population-scale data insights.

Biomarkers discovered in your samples can be rapidly cross-validated in independent populations within our expansive, in-house Human Biology Database to build confidence in their biological relevance. We can also begin by mining the database for key insights such as identifying potential new drug targets.


biosample datasets collected from diverse individuals


phenotypic data points linked to spectral data

10-30 years

of follow-up data across individuals, including adjudicated clinical outcomes
Pipeline to Translation

End-to-end support from discovery to clinical implementation.

Sapient is a high complexity CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory, which means we can support rapid translation of the biomarker discoveries we make to regulated clinical applications.

After we identify biomarkers of interest through initial rLC-MS discovery screening, we can use more traditional targeted methods to develop specific metabolites into clinical assays for use in CLIA settings, and can perform and deliver the test results under CLIA.


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What questions do you want answered?

Whether applied in early research, preclinical, or clinical studies, learn how discovery metabolomics and lipidomics can provide new biological insights to propel your programs forward.