Podcast | June 18, 2024

Pharmacy Podcast Network: “PGx on Steroids” with AI-based multiomics

“A lot of the work we do is in service of the biopharma organizations who are doing the hard work of drug development where it’s our job to work with them to accelerate the development of those drugs from very early stages of target ID and validation through through to clinical trial programs. And as you suggest, AI is a remarkable new tool that can accelerate every single aspect of the whole development chain and the implementation of clinical care in patients.

Now, there are two aspects to AI we focus on that are required for really strong prediction. One is the underlying algorithmic work, the computational computing that goes into AI. There have been huge leaps and bounds that have changed with natural language processing and neural net-based work over the last four or five years. What fuels that computing engine, though, is the data… and often times that’s the limiting factor: the quality and the type of input data.

So the way we approach AI-based multiomics, whether it be for drug development, for diagnosing patients, or for implementing therapies, is by solving for both of these problems.”

Watch the full conversation Sapient’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Mo Jain, had with Pharmacy Podcast Network host Todd Eury on his recent “This Week in Pharmacy” show. Todd and Mo touch on a number of timely topics, from how multiomics data puts pharmacogenomics ‘on steroids’, to how AI is changing the efficiency of biomarker discovery, to studying the microbiome as a new organ by assaying thousands of microbial-derived metabolites in human blood.

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