Discovery proteomics services

Our high-specificity discovery proteomics methods are built to align with your coverage and throughput needs.

Deep coverage of the blood and tissue proteome at the speed and scale your study demands.

Like metabolites and lipids, proteins are dynamic indicators of health, disease, and drug response. Explore more of the proteome with our nontargeted proteomics approaches.

Leveraging our high throughput mass spectrometry platform, Sapient’s methods achieve high analytical specificity while optimizing for protein coverage and throughput to best suit your bioanalytical needs.

/HT/ Discovery

Ideal for large-scale studies seeking to analyze thousands of biosamples per week.

/Core/ Discovery

Assays >2,000 proteins per plasma biosample with rapid turnaround for any number of samples.

/Deep/ Discovery

For the deepest coverage, optimized to maximize protein coverage within a given biosample.

High throughput mass spectrometry to directly measure more proteins and proteoforms.

discovery proteomics technologies

Sapient can capture biologically significant signals in the low abundance proteome using nanoparticle capture to simultaneously deplete high abundant proteins and enrich low abundant proteins.

Sapient’s discovery proteomics methods use nanoLC coupled to trapped ion mobility mass spectrometry and nanoparticle enrichment to directly measure thousands of proteins, including proteoforms.

  • High analytical specificity with protein and post-translation modification (PTM) annotation via direct peptide measurement
  • Applicable to multiple matrices, including preclinical and clinical samples
  • Experimental flexibility for custom protein panels, including for difficult-to-measure proteins
discovery proteomics mass spectrometry

Multi-omics data integration to make protein biomarkers actionable.

Our data science team can provide integrative analysis of proteomics data with the metabolomics data we generate as well as with genomics, phenotype information, and clinical inputs to elucidate protein biomarkers and their involvement in the dynamic processes underlying disease and drug response.

What are you looking to identify?

The right patient.

  • Responders / non-responders
  • Patient stratification
  • Safety profiling
  • Companion diagnostics
  • Clinical trial enrichment

The right disease.

  • Target ID and validation
  • Disease mechanisms
  • Early disease detection
  • Disease progression

The right therapy.

  • Dosing strategies
  • Timing of treatments
  • Target engagement
  • Toxicology
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