Dynamic biomarkers to illuminate new mechanisms of disease.

Multi-omics disease research to greatly amplify your potential for novel discovery.

Through Sapient’s services for dynamic biomarker discovery, your studies can leverage cutting-edge technology to rapidly map non-genetic factors that contribute to disease – a largely untapped area for discovery from which up to 80% of disease risk originates.

Go beyond the genome to elucidate disease dynamics.

Build a more complete understanding of disease risk, progression, and prognosis.

Benefit from integrative multi-omics data analysis.

Our data science team provides expertise to integrate and interpret generated data.

Validate discoveries in our Human Biology Database.

Confirm how your identified biomarkers behave across 100,000+ biosamples, with representation of a range of diseases.

Have confidence you're getting timely, transparent results.

We are your discovery partner committed to rapid turnaround of your study findings, including processed and raw data.
multi-omics disease research

Accelerate your research into the unknowns of human biology.

Disease processes are complex and dynamic. Individuals with the same genetic disorder or diagnosis can have varied prognosis and response to treatment, as their underlying disease may be influenced by a range of internal and external exposures experienced over time.

Sapient enables you to explore these factors through discovery of dynamic biomarkers that can be used to subtype disease and stratify patients.

Join the post-genomics revolution.

The next insights for disease research lie beyond the genome, as up to 80% of disease risk is attributable to non-genetic factors.

We focus on the biomarkers that read out these non-genetic influences, using next-generation mass spectrometry systems to capture >15,000 small molecule biomarker per sample (cellular, preclinical, and human), including those that have yet to be characterized. 

Our nontargeted approach leads us to the most biologically relevant biomarkers, which we can cross-validate in our Human Biology Database.

discovery proteomics for disease research

Extend your understanding of systems biology with the addition of discovery proteomics.

Proteins hold information that is critical to decipher the functional mechanisms underlying disease. We enable you to rapidly layer protein biomarkers into your research using our high-specificity methods.

Our discovery proteomics offering provides direct measure of thousands of proteins per sample, with coverage and throughput that is scalable to your study need. We can also run targeted assays for difficult-to-measure proteins.

multi-omics data analysis for disease research

Uncover new disease insights through expert integration and analysis of your data.

Our data science team works alongside investigators to provide their biocomputational expertise in analyzing large-scale, multi-omics datasets.

They help to interpret the data we generate to identify biologically significant biomarkers related to your disease. They can also cross-validate key biomarkers by mining our Human Biology Database with data from 100,000+ biosamples, to evaluate how the biomarker behaves in independent patient groups.

custom metabolite assay custom protein assay

Tap our field-leading expertise in complex measurements to fit your study needs.

If there are difficult-to-measure metabolite, lipid, or protein biomarkers you are interested in exploring, we can help define the ideal profiling approach based on your samples and study objectives.

We also offer a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory to support the development of CLIA assays.

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