Webinar | July 20, 2023

Nature Webinar | Beyond the genome: small-molecule biomarkers drive new advances in drug discovery

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Human disease is a highly dynamic process. While next-generation genomic sequencing has provided enormous insight into the genetic underpinnings of human health and disease, dynamic measures that integrate changes in human pathobiology are still lacking in therapeutic development, as are measures of the influence of external factors including diet, lifestyle, microbes, and environmental exposures.

The next advancements in drug discovery and development will require new data layers that complement genomics and capture these dynamic processes.

webinar by nature research sapient

This webcast explores how next-generation mass spectrometry can broadly measure a diverse range of small-molecule biomarkers, including uncharacterized compounds, to enable improved understanding of dynamic human processes and host-disease and host-environment interactions that influence biology, disease progression, and drug responsiveness.

discovery mass spectrometry webinar

The speakers discuss how nontargeted small-molecule biomarker discovery via “discovery mass spectrometry” can enable deep human phenotyping and support large-scale epidemiological studies across broad populations, providing robust discovery for new drug targets, drug development, and precision-guided therapeutics.

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