Discovery metabolomics and lipidomics

Identify and validate the most
biologically relevant small molecule biomarkers faster than ever before.

Simultaneous capture of 15K+ metabolites and lipids in a single run.

Through our proprietary rapid liquid chromatography (rLC) coupled to high resolution ion mobility mass spectrometry, Sapient can measure thousands of small molecules per sample, across thousands of samples at a time. Chemistries captured include but are not limited to:

Polar Metabolites

Polar Lipids

Nonpolar Lipids

Nontargeted to amplify your discovery potential.

Our discovery metabolomics and lipidomics screening leads us to the most biologically relevant signals, including molecules yet to be mapped.

Using our expansive commercial standards library, we can identify >700 known molecules in human plasma. We also map the thousands of unknown molecules we capture using 4D chemical characterization, which allows for accurate metabolite annotation.

High throughput measures for rapid time-to-insight.

Our next-generation mass spectrometry systems have an analytical cycle time of <1 minute, allowing us to process over 5,000 cellular, preclinical, and human samples per day.

That means you can have confidence in our capacity to generate results in less than 60 days on average, and maintain this turnaround time even for large-scale studies.

Our rLC-MS systems can handle diverse sample types from plasma and serum to tissue, urine, CSF, cells, media, and other matrices.

We enable longitudinal analysis of discovered biomarkers in independent human populations.

discovery metabolomics services

Given the dynamic complexity of small molecule biomarkers, it is critical to understand how they behave across populations of individuals representing different lifestyles, geographies, disease states, and timepoints.

Sapient’s Human Biology Database enables just that. Comprised of rLC-MS data and phenotypic information from 100,000+ biosamples with 10-30 years of clinical outcomes across patients, it allows us to:

Interested in how we technically validate identified biomarkers? Speak with our scientists to learn more about our methods.

Customized to your biological questions.

You can leverage our discovery metabolomics and lipidomics services at any phase of the drug development pipeline, from early discovery to preclinical studies through clinical trials.

What are you looking to identify?

The right patient.

The right disease.

The right therapy.

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