Video | May 22, 2023

Small Molecule Biomarkers + Adaptive Clinical Trials: Optimize Dosing & Timing of Treatments

Adaptive clinical trial designs are an emerging approach that bring flexibility to traditional linear study designs by adding a “review, adapt” loop that allows adjustments to be made during the course of the trial if warranted. Adaptive designs can be particularly helpful to optimize dosing and timing of treatment in trials, and this is where small molecule biomarkers can become very valuable tools.

Watch the video to see how these biomarkers can provide dynamic measures of drug treatment effect, including both beneficial and harmful biological activity, and offer a relatively non-invasive means for longitudinal sampling. These biomarkers can be used to monitor each patient’s biomarker profile over the course of the trial, and adjust therapies based upon profile changes if needed – helping to maximize benefit-risk for patients and improve trial outcomes.

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