What’s Next in Precision Medicine? Small Molecule Biomarkers to Personalize Disease Prediction, Diagnostics and Therapies

Now On Demand | Hosted by AAPS

While next-generation sequencing has been instrumental in advancing genomics-based precision medicine, the full potential of personalized therapy has yet to be realized at scale. DNA biomarkers help identify genetic variants associated with disease susceptibility and therapeutic response, but are largely static measures of heritability. This has driven exploration further down the “omics cascade” to identify more dynamic indicators of biological processes, disease progression, and treatment responsiveness.

Metabolomics, or the measure of circulating small molecule biomarkers, can fill the gaps in understanding of genotype-phenotype relationships by providing real-time views of biological processes occurring across systems and eludicating how non-genetic factors interact with genetics and contribute to disease.

In this webinar, Dr. Mo Jain discusses how the mapping of small molecule biomarkers in blood delivers complementary information relative to traditional DNA and protein biomarkers, which can be used in drug development programs to predict disease risk, identify patient subgroups, and create more specific, efficacious therapies aligned with a patient’s unique disease biology.