Metabolomics Services to Take You Beyond the Genome

See how Sapient’s discovery metabolomics services significantly amplify your ability to discover dynamic biomarkers of health, disease, and drug response.

Coverage, speed, and quality: the trifecta for greater discovery.

While the vast majority of biomarker discovery for drug development has focused on genomics, more than 80% of disease risk is non-genetic. Small molecule biomarkers read out these exogenous influences and how they impact health and disease over time. The challenge is that this vast molecular landscape has been difficult and slow to map given traditional bioanalytical constraints… until now.

Sapient’s discovery metabolomics services, backed by next-gen mass spectrometry, finally provide a way to broadly and rapidly profile the tens of thousands of metabolites and lipids circulating in humans, opening an entirely new expanse from which robust biomarkers for drug development can be identified.

Unmatched Coverage

Captures >15,000 small molecule biomarkers in a single run, including polar metabolites, polar lipids, and nonpolar lipids.

Unparalleled Speed

We can run our discovery screening in <1 minute per sample, and have the capacity to process thousands of samples per day.

Unwavering Quality

Sapient upholds rigorous quality control with real-time monitoring of 50 parameters related to instrument function, data quality, and sample integrity, so you can be confident in your results.

Go beyond the genome to discover more biomarkers that can accelerate early discovery, optimize your clinical trials, and improve drug efficacy and safety.

Supported by an advanced biocomputational framework for analysis of metabolomics data and other integrated omics, preclinical, and clinical datasets, we deliver actionable insights to elucidate disease mechanisms, subtype diseases, and ultimately improve the precision and efficacy of therapies.

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