Case Study | August 7, 2023

Discovery of a PD Biomarker to Predict Drug Response

The inherent heterogeneity in patient populations can often lead to variable drug response. We recently worked with a client who came to us after their Phase III clinical trial for a rare disease indication, consisting of several hundred participants, failed to reach its primary endpoint. We asked, can we identify a biomarker that indicates patients within the population that did in fact benefit from the therapeutic intervention?

In this case study, we share how Sapient used its rLC-MS technologies to assay tens of thousands of small molecule factors in the clinical trial samples to discover specific biomarkers in circulation that robustly change following exposure to therapy.

Watch the video to learn how a single pharmacodynamic (PD) biomarker was found to associate with significantly higher survival rates, and may be used to rescue the trial by stratifying the patient population into responders vs. non-responders.