Retinol dehydrogenase with a clear preference for NADP. Displays high activity towards 9-cis, 11-cis and all-trans-retinol, and to a lesser extent on 13-cis-retinol (PubMed:12036956, PubMed:12226107, PubMed:29410696). Exhibits a low reductive activity towards unsaturated medium-chain aldehydes such as cis -6-nonenal and no activity toward nonanal or 4-hydroxy-nonenal (PubMed:15865448). Has no dehydrogenase activity towards steroid (PubMed:12036956, PubMed:12226107).

Matrix Type

  • Plasma
  • Tissue/Cells

Gene Symbol

  • RDH11

UniProt ID

  • Q8TC12

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