Our Technology

Driven by technology, supported by data, focused on insight.

Our approaches live at the nexus of analytical technologies, computational learning, and population-scale clinical studies.

There is a fundamental mismatch between disease diagnosis and treatment that has given rise to the inefficiencies still seen in drug development today. Aligning biological targets, disease states, and therapies requires discovery of biomarkers that identify patients most likely to benefit from specific treatments. That is where Sapient’s Biomarker Discovery Engine comes in.

Find biomarkers that matter most, at unmatched speed

Leverage our Human Biology Database to derive accurate insights into the meaning and specificity of identified biomarkers.

Accelerate pipeline development at any phase

Guide development of new or stalled drugs while reducing trial inefficiency, with rapid translation from discovery to CLIA assays.

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Sapient’s Core Technology

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Our methods for untargeted metabolomics reduce the complexity of biomarker discovery while enabling identification of small molecule biomarkers at an entirely new scale and level of fidelity.

untargeted metabolomics
Analytical Technologies

Sapient’s next-generation rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (rLC-MS) infrastructure and automated workflows scale the speed and capacity of current analytical technologies, assaying >11,000 small molecule biomarkers per biosample in less than 1 minute per sample. Using untargeted molecular profiling, these systems enable discovery of uncharacterized compounds.

circulating biomarker discovery technology
metabolomics analysis
metabolomics research
Computational Learning

Applying proprietary statistical and machine learning tools to the generated data, Sapient enables identification of key molecules that provide actionable insights for your drug development program, such as biomarkers of target engagement, biological processes, disease progression, or adverse response.

bioinformatics on circulating biomarkers
metabolomics analysis
metabolomics services
Human Biology Database

Sapient’s expansive repository is among the most extensive generated to date, comprised of data from hundreds of thousands of human biosamples with >10-30 years of patient follow-up data. We reference the database to derive insight into the specificity of biomarkers elucidated in a study.

database for circulating biomarker discovery
non-targeted metabolomics

Collectively, these technologies enable Sapient to:

  • Identify key biological mechanisms of disease

  • Confirm pharmacological engagement of key targets

  • Provide early insight into potential drug safety risks

  • Uncover dosing and timing of drug targets

  • Align patients, disease biology, and specific therapies

A Culture of Quality

Consistency, collaboration, and radical transparency.

We pride ourselves on upholding the most rigorous culture of quality. Our laboratory adheres to stringent regulatory standards in practice, including: