Press Release | October 31, 2023

Sapient Launches Target Metabolite and Lipid Panels for Focused Biomarker Discovery Analyses with Rapid Time-to-Insight

October 31, 2023—San Diego, CA—Sapient, a biomarker discovery organization providing bespoke services for metabolomics and lipidomics data generation and analysis, has launched a suite of target metabolite and lipid panels to enable focused discovery projects for key small molecule biomarkers of interest. These ready-to-order panels speed time-to-insight through targeted exploration of known molecules in specific chemical classes and commonly associated with health and disease.

The panels are analyzed using Sapient’s high throughput mass spectrometry-based technologies for rapid turnaround of molecule measures in samples. The high-sensitivity method can detect subtle changes in biomarker levels stemming from dysregulated biological processes, disease, drug exposure, and other factors. The initial offering of 9 distinct panel options includes:

  • Amino Acids Panel
  • Diglycerides Panel
  • Fatty Acid Esters of Hydroxy Fatty Acids (FAHFAs) Panel
  • Fatty Acids Panel
  • Inflammatory / Anti-inflammatory Panel
  • Metabolic Dysregulation Panel
  • Phospholipids Panel
  • Triglycerides Panel
  • Very-Long-Chain Dicarboxylic Acids (VLCDCAs) Panel

Sapient also offers customization of panels to include specific metabolites and lipids of interest. As an added value, biomarkers discovered through the target panels can be further analyzed by Sapient’s bioinformatics team to map phenotype and genotype associations and to perform biomarker cross-validation in the company’s large-scale, longitudinal Human Biology Database.

“We know that trusted and timely insight delivery is of the utmost importance to our customers, and our target panel offerings allow us to further speed time-to-results through very focused analyses that address specific biomarker questions,” said Dr. Jeramie Watrous, Co-Founder and Head of Analytical R&D for Sapient. “We can quickly measure metabolites and lipids with known biological significance in a range of diseases, and those results can inform follow-up studies which may include expanded exploration of similar or additional chemistries through our nontargeted discovery services.”

More information on how to order Sapient’s target metabolite and lipid panels can be found here.


About Sapient

Sapient is a biomarker discovery organization providing bespoke services for metabolomics and lipidomics data generation and analysis, using state-of-the-art, high-throughput mass spectrometry technologies that enable rapid measure of thousands of small molecule biomarkers in human, preclinical, and cellular biosamples. These technologies are leveraged within a larger discovery infrastructure that includes a comprehensive biocomputational framework for analysis of large-scale spectral data, robust quality control analysis, and mapping of key biomarker-phenotype associations. Sapient can cross-validate discoveries using its proprietary in-house longitudinal Human Biology Database that includes mass spectrometry measures from over 100,000 human biosamples linked with corresponding clinical and multi-dimensional -omics data.

Together these approaches enable rapid identification, validation, and translation of small molecule biomarkers of biological processes, disease mechanisms, and drug responsiveness across all drug development phases. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Carla Nieser
Head of Marketing, Sapient