Podcast | June 23, 2023

“Beyond Biotech” Podcast: A look at metabolite biomarkers with Sapient

“My hope is that in the very near future, in the next decade, an individual would go to a doctor’s office once a year and instead of measuring 12 things in a blood sample, we are going to measure several hundred things in that blood sample, and we are going to know exactly the information imparted by each one. And from those measurements, we are going to be able to diagnose disease at a much earlier stage. We are going to be able to understand the disease and drug targets. And then ultimately, we are going to be able to align the best therapeutic for that specific individual. That’s where we need to get to as a scientific community and as a society.”

Sapient’s Dr. Mo Jain joins the LabiotechBeyond Biotech” podcast and host Jim Cornall for a wide-ranging conversation on the evolution of biomarker-guided drug development and where the future of precision medicine lies. They discuss the different elements driving advancements in the field of metabolomics, the power of nontargeted discovery to identify dynamic metabolite biomarkers, and how these innovations will ultimately translate to a positive impact on patients.

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