Target metabolite and lipid panels

Ready-to-order and customizable panels for targeted exploration of key metabolite biomarkers commonly associated with health and disease.

For focused biomarker discovery analyses with rapid time-to-insight.

Sapient’s target metabolite panels and lipid panels leverage high throughput mass spectrometry-based technologies to rapidly measure small molecule biomarkers of interest.

The speed at which we can perform targeted metabolomics and lipidomics means you receive rapid insight into changing biomarker levels in your samples stemming from dysregulated biological processes, disease progression, drug exposure, and a myriad of other factors.

Key biomarkers identified can then be further analyzed by our bioinformatics team to map biomarker-phenotype and biomarker-genotype associations as well as to cross-validate discoveries in independent human samples using our Human Biology Database.

Explore our current target metabolite panel options below.

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Explore our target panels.


Amino Acids Panel

Sapient’s Amino Acids Panel detects up to 47 amino acids and their derivatives, with rapid turnaround of amino acid profiles that can guide disease diagnosis and treatment.

As the building blocks for protein synthesis, amino acids play many critical roles in the human body. Imbalances or dysregulation of these molecules have been implicated in various metabolic disorders as well as cardiovascular diseases,immune diseases, and cancer.


Diglycerides Panel

Sapient’s Diglycerides Panel facilitates rapid profiling of 14 of these lipid molecules to identify patterns that may inform on disease susceptibility and guide treatment interventions.

Diglycerides, or diacylglycerols, are vital intermediaries in the digestion and absorption of dietary fats, secondary messengers in numerous signaling cascades, and components of the cellular membrane. Elevated levels of these lipid molecules have been associated with obesity, insulin resistance, and various metabolic disorders.


FAHFAs Panel

Sapient’s FAHFAs Panel detects 25 of these bioactive lipids, delivering insight into their associations with BMI, diet, demographics, other metabolic factors, and disease.

Fatty Acid Esters of Hydroxy Fatty Acids (FAHFAs) have been recently discovered to have potential anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects. Research into this group of fatty acids and their potentially favorable metabolic effects can help inform new treatment strategies for metabolic and inflammatory diseases.


Fatty Acids Panel

Sapient’s Fatty Acids Panel captures up to 34 fatty acids and conjugates, enabling rapid biomarker profiling and fast time-toinsight to accelerate your study.

Fatty acids influence cell and tissue metabolism and function, and can act directly or indirectly as signaling molecules. While traditionally linked to cardiovascular disease, these molecules have also been found to associate with a range of other diseases, from type 2 diabetes to inflammatory conditions to cancer.

Inflammatory / Anti-inflammatory Panel

Sapient’s Inflammatory / Anti-Inflammatory Panel enables rapid measure of dynamic small molecule biomarkers known to associate with inflammatory conditions by exhibiting pro- or anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammation is a hallmark of many diseases and is often linked to metabolic processes. Subtle changes in metabolite and lipid profiles can signal inflammation at early timepoints and elucidate mechanisms underlying inflammatory processes, as well as help to evaluate the effects of anti-inflammatory treatments.

Metabolic Dysregulation Panel

Sapient’s Metabolic Dysregulation Panel assays key small molecules in metabolic pathways implicated in metabolic dysregulation to provide rapid, early insight into irregularities.

Abnormalities or disruptions in metabolic pathways are often associated with conditions like diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Metabolomics is a powerful tool to identify early and subtle changes in these pathways that can allow for earlier diagnosis and better development of treatments targeting metabolically-driven disorders.


Phospholipids Panel

Sapient’s Phospholipids Panel profiles 170 phospholipids including lysophosphocholines, lysophosphoethanolamines, phosphatidylinositols, phosphocholines, phosphoethanolamines, phosphoinositols, and sphingomyelins, enabling rapid evaluation of changes in phospholipid content and their impact on disease processes.

These major membrane lipids serve as structural components of cell membranes, acting as a barrier to protect cells against various environmental insults and enabling multiple cellular processes. Phospholipid dysregulation has been associated with many diseases, from neurodegenerative conditions to liver disease. Phospholipids have been found to play a role in regulating aging and lifespan.


Triglycerides Panel

Sapient’s Triglycerides Panel enables rapid profiling of 161 triacylglycerides, providing fast turnaround of insights that can inform disease risk and therapeutic intervention.

Triglycerides, or triacylglycerides, play a vital role in energy storage and transport in the body. Elevated triglyceride levels have long been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and these lipids in excess have also been implicated in metabolic syndrome, obesity, and type 2 diabetes by contributing to insulin resistance and inflammation.



Sapient’s VLCDCAs Panel detects 17 of these lipids and provide rapid readouts of changing VLCDCA levels that may inform new anti-inflammatory therapeutic strategies.

Very-long-chain dicarboxylic acids (VLCDCAs) have gained recent attention for their emerging role in disease, as they have been found to play a significant role in anti-inflammation and possess chemopreventative properties. This group of fatty acids represents potentially useful biomarkers of risk for kidney, colorectal, pancreatic, and other organ cancers.

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Whether performing targeted assays of specific metabolite and lipid panels, or discovery metabolomics and lipidomics covering >15K small molecules at a time, Sapient aims to bring you insights beyond the genome through the identification and mapping of dynamic biomarkers of health, disease, and drug response.

We can tailor our bespoke services for biomarker discovery, validation, and translation to fit your scientific objectives, experimental design, and turnaround time.

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