Podcast | July 7, 2023

VibeCast Podcast: Are Biomarkers the Future?

“Diagnostics have evolved tremendously. You could argue that the greatest benefit in human survival has come over the last 50 years because we’ve gotten much better at diagnosing disease at an earlier stage. But there’s still quite a ways to go before we’re perfect in this. One of the real ways we can advance further is with small molecule biomarker discovery… by measuring the thousands of biomarkers in blood, beyond the dozen or so we’re measuring now. There are a thousand-fold more biomarkers in blood that are currently not being assayed, and they can help us better understand how disease processes occur over years, not just months or days, and therefore support diagnosis at the earliest possible timepoints.”

Sapient’s Dr. Mo Jain recently sat down for a discussion with Ray Dogum, host of Vibe Bio‘s VibeCast podcast, to discuss why he sees novel biomarker discovery as imperative to the future of precision medicine. In particular, they discuss the need for metabolomics to read out measures of the dynamic processes of disease over time, as well as response to therapeutic interventions.

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