Isoform 2 of Serine incorporator 5; Isoform 3 of Serine incorporator 5; Isoform 4 of Serine incorporator 5;Serine incorporator 5

Restriction factor required to restrict infectivity of lentiviruses, such as HIV-1: acts by inhibiting an early step of viral infection. Impairs the penetration of the viral particle into the cytoplasm (PubMed:26416733, PubMed:26416734). Enhances the incorporation of serine into phosphatidylserine and sphingolipids. May play a role in providing serine molecules for the formation of myelin glycosphingolipids in oligodendrocytes (By similarity).

Matrix Type

  • Tissue/Cells

Gene Symbol


UniProt ID

  • Q86VE9
  • Q86VE9-3
  • Q86VE9-4

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