Scaffold protein involved in different aspects of polarized cell differentiation regulating epithelial and neuronal morphogenesis and T-cell polarization (PubMed:15182672, PubMed:16344308, PubMed:16965391, PubMed:18641685, PubMed:18716323, PubMed:19041750, PubMed:27380321). Via its interaction with CRTAM, required for the late phase polarization of a subset of CD4+ T-cells, which in turn regulates TCR-mediated proliferation and IFNG and IL22 production (By similarity). Most probably functions in the establishment of apico-basal cell polarity (PubMed:16344308, PubMed:19041750). May function in cell proliferation regulating progression from G1 to S phase and as a positive regulator of apoptosis for instance during acinar morphogenesis of the mammary epithelium (PubMed:16965391, PubMed:19041750). May also function in cell migration and adhesion and hence regulate cell invasion through MAPK signaling (PubMed:18641685, PubMed:18716323). May play a role in exocytosis and in the targeting of synaptic vesicles to synapses (PubMed:15182672). Functions as an activator of Rac GTPase activity.

    Matrix Type

    • Tissue/Cells

    Gene Symbol

    • SCRIB

    UniProt ID

    • Q14160
    • Q14160-3

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