Podcast | February 28, 2024

pharmaphorum Podcast: Accelerating the process, transforming therapies and advancing precision medicine

Human beings are more alike than we are different, but there are many differences in disease states. Personalized medicine is rapidly evolving to better under disease subtypes, and in turn, better identify the most suitable therapy for an individual. How can large-scale biomarker analysis to interrogate human biology and physiology, including the dynamic factors modulating health and disease over time, provide new information for more efficacious drug development? What can your zip code tell us about your health and your specific disease that your genetic code cannot?

Dr. Mo Jain, Founder and CEO of Sapient, discusses these questions and more in a recent conversation with pharmaphorum podcast host Nicole Raleigh. They talk about the value of dynamic blood-borne biomarkers – which can change after therapy, alter after development of disease, and capture external influences on our state of health – and why they are the way forward for precision drug development.

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