Podcast | January 29, 2024

OMG OMx Podcast: A Conversation on All Things Omics with Dr. Tanya Nguyen

“I think what’s exciting about Sapient is the fact that we can help enable discoveries at the very early stages in understanding disease, and in the early stages of developing therapeutic interventions all the way through identifying biomarkers that can be applied at the clinical trial level. So similar to my research history, Sapient offered me this opportunity to be part of science that touched all the different stages of drug development. And ultimately, with the goal of being able to identify biomarkers that allow us to stratify patients into clinical trials that will be the most efficacious for that population, and therefore develop drugs a lot quicker and help them get through approvals much faster to help patients who really need them.”

Tanya Nguyen, Sapient’s Head of Scientific Operations, sat down with Bruker’s Kate Stumpo for the OMG OMx podcast to talk about her background as a clinician-scientist and the ‘OMG’ moment that brought her to work in multi-omics today. They also discuss some of the latest trends in omics data generation and how technology innovations are impacting the field.

Watch the video above to hear the full conversation! You can also read highlights in this article from News-Medical Life Sciences here.