Podcast | October 24, 2023

Bioinformatics CRO Podcast: On novel biomarker discovery technologies

“Much of human disease is non-linear in its etiology. It’s rarely a single case or an additive case of two events that cause disease, but rather it’s a much more complex interaction of many, many different [inciting] etiologies. It may be a genetic predisposition, which increases risk somewhere in the order of several percentile, added on with an environmental exposure, together with a particular initial acute insult that collectively results in a disease process cascading and starting. And so this is where we’ve become much more interested in taking these very complex data sources, where we’re measuring tens of thousands of things in human blood, and using advanced AI-based statistic modeling now to be able to much more holistically predict and understand these complex interactions.”

Sapient’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Mo Jain, joins the Bioinformatics CRO podcast team for a conversation on the power of novel biomarker discovery to ‘open the aperture’ on our view of disease, and how high throughput biomarker profiling technologies – combined with large-scale, integrative multiomics data analysis – provides a more holistic understanding of underlying disease biology so we can target treatments for patients more effectively.

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