“Lab to Launch” Podcast: Enabling the next generation of biomarker discovery with Dr. Mo Jain

If you look at the data, the best drugs work in only 50% of people. Sapient’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Mo Jain, sits down with Kelly Stanton, Director of Quality at Qualio, to explain this fundamental challenge and how it ultimately led to the creation of Sapient. There are thousands of biomarkers in our bloodstream that can be used to transform broad-stroke treatments into targeted, personalized medicines – and Sapient addresses the technological constraints that once limited their discovery.

Listen to hear the story of the company’s journey from a University of California lab to the ultra-high throughput biomarker discovery organization it is today. Dr. Jain also shares advice on shaping the culture of high-efficiency teams, raising funding, and lessons learned from starting up and building out an enterprise-grade lab and technology.

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