Podcast | April 5, 2024

Life Science Success Podcast: Unveiling Next-Gen Tech in Drug Discovery & Therapy

“So many things have changed [for drug development] in the post-COVID era, after seeing we were able to develop and distribute COVID vaccines much faster than virtually any other medication ever. Whether it be subtle shifts or much more dramatic shifts in thinking, people finally believe there is a better way. Regulatory systems are pushing to develop drugs faster and cheaper; pharmaceutical companies are very interested in being able to make their therapeutics more efficacious; and most importantly, patients and patient advocates are feeling empowered to push for that better way. And when you put all of that together, it becomes a perfect storm for change. And I wholly anticipate that there will be a remarkable amount of change going forward here in the next several years.”

Hear more of the conversation Sapient’s Dr. Mo Jain had with Life Science Success podcast host Don Davis below. They delve deeper into the shifting drug development landscape and the increasing focus on efficiency throughout the development process – as well as how next-gen multiomics technology is supporting the transformation with discovery of biomarkers that can subset patient populations, serve as companion diagnostics, aid in drug rescue, and accelerate critical decision-making to streamline time to approval.

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