High-Throughput Biomarker Discovery for Clinical Trial Optimization

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Advances in mass spectrometry resolution and sensitivity have enabled increasingly comprehensive views into the multitude of small molecule metabolites circulating in humans. These metabolites read out diverse host and environmental exposures that influence human health and may serve as critical biomarkers for driving early disease diagnostics, precision medicine approaches, and clinical trial optimization

This webinar shares how next-generation, high throughput mass spectrometry, advanced data analysis, and population-scale data are being leveraged for robust discovery of biomarkers that can be used to align patients, disease biology, and therapeutic interventions for clinical trials.

You will hear about:
  • The role of small molecule biomarkers in providing insight into human disease biology and drug response
  • Technologies enabling rapid identification of small molecule biomarkers of biological processes, disease progression, and drug response, including for clinical trial optimization
  • Real-world examples of how Sapient’s small molecule biomarker discovery approaches have been used to advance clinical trials high throughput biomarker discovery webinar
high throughput biomarker discovery webinar