Fierce Webinar: Population-Scale Circulating Biomarker Discovery to Accelerate Drug Development

Now On Demand | Hosted by Fierce Pharma

In this session, Sapient discusses application of its next-generation mass spectrometry approaches for large-scale biomarker discovery across diverse human diseases, enabling measure of tens of thousands of small molecule biomarkers across tens of thousands of individuals. See how integration of these biomarker studies with human genetics data is an approach for aligning the right patient, with their specific disease, and the optimal therapy to enhance drug efficacy and limit adverse events.

webinar presented by fierce pharma

Learn why circulating small molecules biomarkers are uniquely suited as non-invasive means to interrogate human biology and drug response, and how next-generation mass spectrometry allows for rapid biomarker identification and cross validation across large, diverse populations. You’ll also see real-world case reports in which Sapient has leveraged its platform to identify specific biomarkers of biological processes, disease progression (even years prior to onset), and drug responsiveness.