Experts On… The Impact of Chemical Discovery at Scale

Having a multidisciplinary team gives us deep & diverse expertise to tap across our discovery endeavors. This series shares those insights with you.

Advancing precision medicine requires better understanding not only of how one patient differs from another, but also the factors that cause diseases and drug responses to differ. These differences can be caused by genetics and also by internal and exposures an individual experiences throughout their life.

Dr. Saumya Tiwari, Co-Founder and Head of Computational R&D Operations at Sapient, explains how our platform captures thousands of small molecules across thousands of samples at a time – and what new insights can be gained at this large scale of chemical discovery.

There are tens of thousands of small molecules circulating in humans that read out exposures stemming from diet, lifestyle, the environment, inter-organ communications, the microbe, and more. Dr. Tiwari explains the value of high-throughput technologies to rapidly identify these biomarkers and understand how they behave across large, diverse populations and their influence on biological processes, disease development and progression, and drug responsiveness.

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