Video | June 12, 2023

Experts On… Biomarker Translation of Discoveries in Blood to Other Matrices

Having a multidisciplinary team gives us deep & diverse expertise to tap across our discovery endeavors. This series shares those insights with you.

While blood is a rich resource for small molecule biomarker discovery, Sapient’s approaches can be leveraged across diverse sample types including tissue, urine, CSF, tears, aqueous humor, and other matrices.

Sapient’s Head of Translational Science, Dr. Phil Worboys, explains how we translate biomarkers discovered in blood to other sample matrices, and vice versa, below.

Because blood permeates the whole of the human body, small molecules are able to readily pass from blood into organ tissue, and from organs back into blood. The blood provides a window into all the organs in the body, and small molecule perturbations can reflect an organ disease state and to what level the organ is being affected. Blood draws are also a patient-friendly form of sampling, allowing for more frequent and rapid sampling points. This is a key reason we focus on translating biomarkers found in tissue back to blood, to allow for non-invasive measures.

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