Experts On… Making Biomarker Discoveries Actionable

Having a multidisciplinary team gives us deep & diverse expertise to tap across our discovery endeavors. This series shares those insights with you.

Actionable insight. That is what’s needed to move from nontargeted discovery screenings to development of targeted clinical assays that can provide new diagnostics or guide drug development to success.

Sapient’s Head of Scientific Operations, Dr. Tanya Nguyen, describes how our integrated, disease-agnostic discovery pipeline can be applied across drug modalities and phases of drug development to first identify small molecule biomarkers, and then provide biological and technical validation for key biomarkers of interest.

Dr. Nguyen shares how we can take a sponsor’s samples – up to thousands at a time – and run them on our rLC-MS systems to perform nontargeted measure of more than 15,000 small molecules per sample. She explains both how we generate this data and then handle, extract, and analyze it to discover relevant biomarker patterns and confirm they are the most biologically relevant for their context of use.

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