Podcast | August 16, 2023

Futurati Podcast: Biomarkers and personalized medicine

“I would argue that for nearly every common disease, there are multiple forms of the disease that have been amalgamated into one definition that all result in the same end pathology. Whether that end pathology is heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, lung disease, GI illness, renal disease, et cetera. Now, we know it to be the case clinically, that you can have 100 people with heart disease or lung disease or brain disease, and that some individuals are going to have very different clinical responses and progressions relative to other individuals. So to argue they all have the identical disease state makes no sense. It’s just the way we can simplify a very complex problem and make sense of it in a way to categorize and understand disease. But to not understand that there are multiple forms of a disease is really where we get led astray.”

Listen to hear Dr. Mo Jain’s full conversation with the Futurati podcast team, including hosts Trent Fowler and Thomas Frey, as they talk through the challenges still limiting the advancement of personalized medicine, and how small molecule biomarkers can be used to not only better understand disease processes and subset individuals by their unique disease biology, but to align the right treatment that effectively targets the pathways involved in their disease.

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