The Clinical Trial Conundrum: Identifying Responders vs. Non-Responders

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Will a patient respond or not respond to the given therapy? That is the fundamental question for any clinical trial – and not an easy answer to predict. Patients are unique; diseases are dynamic and represent heterogeneous biology, collectively leading to varied drug response. Aligning patients, disease biology, and therapeutic interventions is the key to successful clinical trials.

This presentation explores the use of small molecule biomarkers to improve patient selection and to enrich for responders as part of a clinical trial strategy.

You’ll hear about:

  • The challenges to achieving smaller, faster, and more effective clinical trial designs
  • Limitations of using polygenic risk scores alone to predict treatment response
  • The use of small molecule markers to enhance biomarker-guided patient selection
  • Technologies enabling rapid identification of small molecule biomarkers of drug response
  • The impact of small molecule biomarkers in clinical trials through case report examples
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