Simplifying Complexity

at scale.

Sapient accelerates your discovery program through large scale identification of biomarkers.

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A drug candidate with an associated biomarker is 2-10x more likely1 to obtain FDA approval. To date, however, the discovery of circulating biomarkers has been limited.

Sapient’s technology-based approaches break free from the limitations of traditional methods, enabling large scale measurement of thousands of circulating molecules to rapidly identify key biomarkers that inform drug design and development.


One platform — a wealth of actionable insights delivered.

  • Target Identification

    Identify the best biomarkers or new target candidates with activity that can be modulated by a therapeutic.

  • Early Disease Detection

    Identify individuals at high risk for disease, years before onset, to develop drugs that more effectively limit disease progression.

  • Disease Progression

    Reveal unique pathways essential to progressive disease and sub-stratify patients according to rapid progressors.

  • Assessment of Target Engagement

    Confirm pharmacological engagement of key targets.

  • Patient Stratification / Companion Diagnostics

    Identify patients most likely to benefit from a specific therapeutic intervention, and develop CLIA-certified diagnostic assays as a companion to therapies.

  • Safety Profiling

    Predict adverse drug responses to obtain a more accurate view of potential drug safety issues, earlier in development.

  • Pharmacometrics and QSP

    Uncover specific dosing and timing to maximize efficiency of drug therapies.

  • Clinical Trial Optimization

    Reduce the size and accelerate the speed of trials by identifying patients most likely to respond positively to the drug.

  • Chemical Signatures of Disease

    Identify new drug targets by uncovering biological drivers of disease.

  • Reagent Validation

    Obtain accurate and rapid measurement of drug composition and purity.