Isoform 2 of Brain mitochondrial carrier protein 1; Isoform 3 of Brain mitochondrial carrier protein 1;Brain mitochondrial carrier protein 1

Transports inorganic anions (sulfate, sulfite, thiosulfate and phosphate) and, to a lesser extent, a variety of dicarboxylates (e.g. malonate, malate and citramalate) and, even more so, aspartate and glutamate and tricarboxylates (PubMed:31356773). May catalyze the export of sulfite and thiosulfate (the hydrogen sulfide degradation products) from the mitochondria, thereby modulating the level of the hydrogen sulfide (Probable). Also can mediate a very low unidirectional transport of anions including sulfate, phosphate, (S)-malate, citrate, L-aspartate and L-glutamate (PubMed:31356773). Maintains oxidative balance (through uncoupling activities) and ATP production (by modifying mitochondrial membrane potential) (PubMed:20600837). Is able to transport protons across lipid membranes (PubMed:22524567, PubMed:26182433). Also exhibits transmembrane chloride transport activity to a lesser extent (PubMed:22524567, PubMed:26182433). May modify mitochondrial respiratory efficiency and mitochondrial oxidant production (By similarity).

    Matrix Type

    • Tissue/Cells

    Gene Symbol

    • SLC25A14

    UniProt ID

    • O95258
    • O95258-3

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