Mediates the exchange of one Ca(2+) ion against three to four Na(+) ions across the cell membrane, and thereby contributes to the regulation of cytoplasmic Ca(2+) levels and Ca(2+)-dependent cellular processes (PubMed:11241183, PubMed:1374913, PubMed:1476165). Contributes to Ca(2+) transport during excitation-contraction coupling in muscle (PubMed:11241183, PubMed:1374913, PubMed:1476165). In a first phase, voltage-gated channels mediate the rapid increase of cytoplasmic Ca(2+) levels due to release of Ca(2+) stores from the endoplasmic reticulum (PubMed:11241183, PubMed:1374913, PubMed:1476165). SLC8A1 mediates the export of Ca(2+) from the cell during the next phase, so that cytoplasmic Ca(2+) levels rapidly return to baseline (PubMed:11241183, PubMed:1374913, PubMed:1476165). Required for normal embryonic heart development and the onset of heart contractions (By similarity).

    Matrix Type

    • Tissue/Cells

    Gene Symbol

    • SLC8A1

    UniProt ID

    • P32418-2

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