Webinar | May 19, 2022

Identifying Non-Invasive Biomarkers of Target Engagement

Now On Demand | Hosted by AAPS


A key aspect of the drug discovery pipeline is evaluation of in vivo target engagement and subsequent biological response. While measures of target engagement are often optimized in cellular and preclinical systems, direct measures of tissue target engagement are often limited in human subjects as part of early clinical studies. Circulating small molecule biomarkers in blood may serve as a robust means for measure of target engagement, providing a non-invasive approach for understanding drug dosing, tissue penetration, target engagement, and therapeutic response.

In this session, Dr. Mohit Jain, Founder and CEO of Sapient, discusses methods for the rapid discovery of small molecule biomarkers of target engagement, leveraging integration of next generation mass spectrometry, genomics, and experimental systems.