“Sapient’s proprietary, next-generation rapid LC-MS (rLC-MS) technologies leverage the unique bioanalytical capabilities of the Bruker timsTOF Pro 2 system and enable nontargeted capture and measure of more than 11,000 circulating small molecule biomarkers – including thousands of yet uncharacterized factors – in a human biosample in less than one minute. These technologies are embedded within an integrated discovery pipeline that allows for rapid discovery of new biomarkers and cross validation across diverse populations on an unprecedented scale. The Sapient team looks forward to pushing the bioanalytical boundaries through our close relationship with Bruker.” – Mo Jain, MD PhD, Founder and CEO of Sapient

Read the full press release from Bruker to learn more about how Sapient is leveraging innovative timsTOF technology in an integrative approach with enormous power and potential to enable robust discovery on an unprecedented scale.