Sapient recently contributed a piece to Fierce Pharma discussing the new biological and disease insights that small molecule biomarkers can bring to improve drug development success – and how next-generation mass spectrometry is enabling their discovery on an entirely new scale.


Dynamic organ physiology, inter-organ communication, host-disease interactions, and host-environment exposures are encoded in small molecule biomarkers. They have the potential to provide an unprecedented view into host and disease factors that modulate health status, disease pathobiology, and drug responses across individuals. Modern, high resolution analytical tools have revealed that there are tens of thousands of these small molecule factors present in human circulation.

To date, the great challenge has been the lack of tools that enable rapid capture and measure of these thousands of small molecule biomarkers that exist in humans. Next-generation mass spectrometry developed and powered by Sapient now overcomes this challenge by enabling ultra high throughput, nontargeted small molecule biomarker discovery – measuring tens of thousands of circulating factors across tens of thousands of individuals at a time.

Access the full piece here.

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