“Out of graduate school, Dr. Mohit Jain (co-founder and CEO of Sapient, but a university professor at the time) approached me with a fascinating problem. He had access to a biobank of human samples that, with current technology, would take the better part of a decade to analyze and wanted to know if I could build a pipeline that would allow them to be analyzed in under a year. This development cycle became the basis of the technology that Sapient was founded on.”

Jeramie Watrous, PhD, Co-Founder and Head of Analytical R&D at Sapient, recently sat down with Authority Magazine for an interview in their “The Future is Now” series showcasing cutting-edge technological breakthroughs and the people behind them. He shares personal insights into his career journey as an Analytical Chemist, lessons he’s learned in co-founding a company, and how the ever-growing need within the scientific community to allow for population-scale studies drove development of Sapient’s next-generation, mass spectrometry-based rLC-MS technologies.

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Sapient Featured as Collaborator in Cedars-Sinai Study on Immune Responses and COVID-19

Study infrastructure and biospecimen processing support is being provided by Sapient for the study, which is focused on advancing vital immune response research for COVID-19 and other autoimmune and inflammation-associated diseases. Cedars-Sinai’s press release highlights key study findings now published in JAMA Network Open on COVID-19 infection awareness rates, indicating… Read More