NULISAseq™ cytokine and chemokine panel analysis

High-sensitivity cytokine and chemokine multiplexing of up to 250 biomarkers in a single sample and with attomolar sensitivity.

Sapient is the first CRO certified by Alamar Biosciences for NULISAseq panel analysis. Trust our expertise for rapid, reproducible results to inform your drug development.

The NULISA™ platform combines a proprietary sequential immunocomplex capture and release mechanism with next-generation sequencing (NGS) advances to enable ultra-high sensitivity, scalable analysis of critical cytokine and chemokine biomarkers in human samples. We offer analytical services for:

NULISAseq Inflammation Panel
Providing the broadest coverage of cytokine and chemokines of any available inflammation panel on the market today, we can use this panel to profile 250+ biomarkers of inflammation and immune response from a single 10μl sample.
  • Attomolar sensitivity (fg/mL) detection – including low abundance cytokines such as IL4, IL5, IL17, IL30, IL33
  • Up to 12 logs dynamic range without dilution
  • Highly reproducible results with median CV <10%
  • Scalable multiplexing across several sample types including plasma, serum, CSF, urine, and cell culture media
NULISAseq CNS Disease Panel
With this panel we can perform highly sensitive, multiplexed analysis of 120+ biomarkers of CNS disease, including neuro-specific proteins and those related to inflammatory response.
  • Attomolar sensitivity (fg/mL) detection – including biomarkers such as pTau-217, GFAP, and alpha-synuclein
  • Up to 12 logs dynamic range without dilution
  • Highly reproducible results with median CV <10%
  • Scalable multiplexing in plasma and CSF

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Why choose Sapient?

Not only are we a Certified Service Provider for Alamar Biosciences’ NULISAseq panels — we can also integrate these protein measures with metabolomics and lipidomics data derived from the same samples using our rLC-MS platform. Findings can also be validated in our Human Biology Database comprised of data from 100,000+ biosamples.

Gain a more holistic view of the molecular mechanisms of inflammation and disease with multi-omics data generation, analysis, and biomarker cross-validation.