Unmatched Discovery Metabolomics Services

Nontargeted metabolomics CRO offering rapid metabolomics data generation, analysis, and validation of key biomarkers

As a metabolomics services provider offering bespoke solutions for the discovery of dynamic biomarkers, Sapient leverages its high throughput, mass spectrometry-based metabolomics platform to probe deeper into the human metabolome at a rate is unmatched for discovery. Our untargeted methods outperform other metabolomics companies in both speed and scalability, enabling us to rapidly assay >15,000 metabolite and lipid biomarkers per sample, across thousands of samples, and identify those that associate with early disease, disease progression, and drug response.

By pairing nontargeted data generation with advanced metabolomics data analysis services, including statistical and pathway analysis, we help identify robust biomarkers to understand disease biology, enrich clinical trials, and align patients, disease, and precision therapies. How does it work?

  • Rapid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (rLC-MS) – our metabolomics analysis services are supported by proprietary systems that enable ultra high throughput, population-level biomarker discovery, capturing and measuring a broad range of metabolites and lipids in <1 minute analytical cycle time.
  • Biocomputational integration – our expert team of data scientists perform statistical analysis of metabolomics data using machine learning tools to rapidly identify key biomarkers of interest, integrating our spectral data with other high dimensional data from preclinical models, genomics, proteomics, and clinical studies.
  • Human Biology Database – this repository is comprised of spectral data from 100,000+ human biosamples, paired with deep phenotypic information and longitudinal outcomes. Therefore, biomarkers identified through our metabolomics research studies can be cross-validated in large, independent populations.

Learn more about why Sapient is the choice partner for nontargeted metabolomics services, and how we can work together to advance your drug programs at any phase. Use the sidebar to download our fact sheet or request services directly.

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