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Data Scientist

We are in search of a passionate Data Scientist to support Sapient’s service offerings, sales, leadership, and R&D effort with insights gained from analyzing company data.

This role will be highly independent in nature, working under the oversight and mentorship of the department head and above. The employee will focus on solving unstructured problems at the product level, and will have substantial experience using a variety of data mining and statistical analysis methods, building and implementing models, using and creating algorithms, and contributing to the development of the final product. The employee will work with a wide range of stakeholders and teams and will have a demonstrated ability to drive business results with their data-based insights. As an experienced data science team member, the DSIII may mentor junior team members from time to time.

What awaits you

  • Independently work to analyze datasets, mine databases, and create code according to Company-defined good practice, to drive optimization and improvement within and across projects.
  • Define project and product-based problems, independently develop action plans to solve them, and synthesize solutions.
  • Solve unstructured and often ambiguous problems and provide reports on developed solutions to management.
  • Perform work independently with limited intervention from management and help drive solutions for unstructured/ambiguous problems at the product level.
  • Demonstrate leadership capability, leverage experiences and skills to advocate for optimal solutions, and may mentor junior Data Scientists.

What we’re looking for

  • Mastery of intermediate probability and statistics concepts.
  • Proficient and consistent use with Github or other code merge management tool.
  • Developing specialized knowledge of R or Python within a commercial context.
  • Strong use of clean code principles, linting, IDE, and can change existing scripts.
  • Developing domain expertise areas in methods, coding, presentations, OOP etc.
  • Proficient use of Jira or other project pipeline software.
  • Contributes to and is able to lead team development and strategy conversations.
  • Able to create and deliver presentations with minimal supervision.

The requirements

  • BA/BS, MS, or PhD in Biological Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Statistics, Data Science, Applied Math, Physics, or Life Science related scientific field.
  • +3 (+5 for BS) years of experience in biology or related field, data mining, statistical methods, as well as modeling and coding.
  • Proven leadership ability.
  • Knowledge of biological systems and passion for making biomarker discoveries that can impact drug development and healthcare.

Position Location – San Diego, California (Sorrento Valley)

Position Type – Full-time, Hybrid

Compensation Range – $100K-$150K

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